Glass Computer Workstations

Choosing the correct home office desk is difficult and sometimes limited by space. Computer workstations or computer desks come in a lot of variations, sizes, shapes and heights. One growing in popularity is the height adjustable desk. Some users say they stand for the morning and then sit down in the afternoon. The reason they choose to stand as they feel more dynamic when on the phone. Its also good to be mobile if possible rather than sitting down for long periods. Then the next think would be the ergonomic office chair. They vary from 300 to 2000 pounds and have different strengths and weaknesses. The range of ergonomic office chairs is huge, so its important to find the right chair.

People prefer a glass computer workstation to wood or other more solid objects. Glass allows a lot of light through and so can make an office bright. With that comes positive feng shui, so then you just need some plants to complete the ideal bright office for your glass computer workstation.

What are the most important things you want from a computer workstation. Its where you run your operations from that unit, so it has to have what you want for storage, computer accessories and all your other systems. Computer workstation desks come in various sizes. Some are gigantic while others are small. But the more shelves your workstation desks hold the better would be your workstation. Besides primary equipment, it must accommodate printer, scanner, and other important and related equipments. More the shelves more will be the storage area leading to better utilization of workstation. Moreover, wheeled workstation desks are preferred over those without wheels. The biggest advantage of workstation desk is that it uses the available space rational and wisely and hence put your employees in healthier and friendly environment.

Ergonomics for workstations:

  1. Monitors: Monitors should be placed in such a way that it should not affect the eyes and musculoskeletal system adversely. Monitors should be placed at a distance of approx. arm’s length. Brightness and contrast should be set to most favorable point.
  2. Keyboard: Your keyboard should be at around 1 to 2 inches above your thighs. Generally, this requires a desk which is 25 to 29 inches in height (depends upon individuals’ height). It should be close to user to avoid extended reaching.
  3. Mouse: While using mouse your wrist should be in neutral position. Don’t rest the hand on mouse while not using it.
  4. Chair: Chair’s level should match the workstation’s desk level. Chair being used should be comfortable and flexible.

Following are the guidelines concerning computer workstations. These guidelines should not be ignored.

  1. The work surface area should be adequate so as to accommodate computer components and accessories. Moreover, space should be available underneath the work surface area for operator to adjust and make free movement of his legs and feet.
  2. The keyboard and mouse should be positioned in front of the operator at a height that supports neutral posture i.e. 23 to 28 inches. Though different alternatives like adjustable keyboard platform, raising the chair but it is good to have a proper workstation.
  3. The monitor should be placed at a distance of arm’s length and in front of user. The top of the screen not be higher than user’s eye level.
  4. The chair being used should be well designed as it will not only affect posture, movements and stress on back. Make sure that the chair being used has features such as pneumatic seat height adjustment, 360 degree swivel, seat depth adjustment, etc.
  5. Footrest should be used as feet cannot be placed on the floor for long. Moreover, task lamps should be used to illuminate the working area when the room light is switched off or reduced.

It is preferred to go for Workstation desk constructed out of wood as its sturdy construction will last longer. Some of the best desks are made in Europe to a high standard. They cost a little more but make up for it.

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